LSJ Leadership and Coaching Development welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to offer a relevant, needs-driven, or customized learning experience to your school, district, college, university, or organization. While the listings below represent some of our offerings, LSJ Leadership & Coaching Development offers individual and group coaching sessions for educators, onsite technical assistance, and site-based support relevant to the needs of the partner.

For PreK-12 Teachers, Administrators, Staff or Organizations

Exploring Our Mindset Through The Three B's

Building Effective Instructional Leadership Teams

Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Positive Student-Teacher Relationship

Teamwork: Our Intentional Mindset

The Art of Coaching: What Skills Do I Need?

Using Effective Communication Skills with Our Parents

Reaching and Teaching the Unmotivated Student

Creating and Sustaining an Effective Alternative Education Program

Enhancing the Role and Skills of the Paraprofessional

Examining the TESS Rubrics to Inform Teaching Practices

Examining the Danielson Framework to Inform Teaching Practices

A Customized Learning Experience for You

For PreK-12 Teachers

Conducting Different Types of Conversations Using Coaching Skills

Getting Grounded with Differentiated Instruction for Teachers

Using Tiered Assignments/Activities to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Creating a Meaningful and Quality Professional Growth Plan

Writing Instructional Objectives: Beginning with the End in Mind

Classroom Management: Techniques and Strategies

Creating Unit Assessment/Common Formative Assessments

Standards in Practice: Looking at Student Work and Teacher Assignment

Writing Effective and Congruent Lesson Plans Using the Standards

A Customized Learning Experience for You

For School or District Leaders

Understanding the Essential Role & Skills of the Mentor

Observing Classroom Instruction with Effectiveness and Feedback

Determining the Quality of an Instructional Observation

The Basics of Differentiated Instruction for Administrators

Working with Marginal Teachers and Their Performance

Creating and Sustaining School Culture to Improve Student Learning

Creating Unit Assessment/Common Formative Assessments

Writing Effective Individual Improvement Plans

Using Root Cause Analysis to Improve Student Learning

The Teacher Fair Dismissal Process

Assessing Professional Growth Plans

Increasing Teacher or Leadership Effectiveness Through Coaching

Enhancing Administrative Skills to Assess Lesson Planning

A Customized Learning Experience for You